Real estate agents in all Ontario locations can park their license

How about an Ontario Brokerage that accepts license registrations from all areas of Ontario and is not a member of any local real estate board or Association.  That would save you thousands of dollars right?


Did you know that there is a Brokerage in Mississauga Ontario that has been helping Ontario real estate agents just like you and over 200 agents are now registered with this Brokerage with these agents residing in many different locations across Onatrio?


Join New World 2000 Realty Inc., Brokerage today and you not only save all the above but you also get to continue to sell / trade in real estate sales and if you don’t want to make the occassional sale then you can easily refer your business and collect big fat referral commssions too.  Whether you sell or refer, you will earn 90% commissions with no ridiculous surprises.


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